Top 3 Powerful Washing Machines for Bright New Clothes in the World

When hygiene has become a topic of concern all over the world in the midst of viral, bacterial and fungal infection, we don’t have to leave our clothes untidy. Get bright new clothes with the mightiest and most powerful washers and dryers on the planet. Regardless of your detergent, the wash quality is a matter of concern for those who used to love hand washed clothes. Gone are those days when washing machines could not clean tough stains while we welcome the generation of toughest cleaning washing machines ever made.

Ever wonder why each of our clothes come with a label of wash care instructions? Caring for your favorite clothes according to the label is easier than ever before with the intelligent generation of washing machines. With in-built hot washing, programmable wash cycles, Wi-Fi smart voice control, high energy efficiency, quick wash cycles and anti-bacterial cleaning, these modern washing machines are a class apart.

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  • Candy Washing Machine:
    The Italian washing machine giant, Candy has launched the Candy Bianca with features too good to resist. With a big size porthole to load the garments into the highly efficient and powerful front load washer, it detects the load of your clothes automatically, selects and runs a wash cycle best suited for them. Its floor surface pulsator comes with holes for tangle-free clothes. Not just that, while it dries your clothes, it steams them too to get rid of 80% creases and folds from your clothes making ironing a lot easier.Candy Bianca talks to you with its smart voice controlled assistant. It gives you superior control on your wash cycle. Plus, when you are confused which cycle is the best, take a picture of your clothes pile in the Smart-Fi App and it immediately selects the right wash cycle. By far, it is one of the most intuitive washing machines ever made.
  • Electrolux Washing Machine:
    Electrolux is a home appliance industry giant that also makes Electrolux washing machines. They make automatic front load washing machines with steam and LuxCare wash with Smartboost for the most effective stain removal. They are the most efficient washing solution for mid and large size familities and laundromats 4.4 Cu Ft. of washing capacity.The commercial grade Electrolux washing machines are popular among those who want to start a laundry washing business. The effective cleaning combined with high energy efficiency make Electrolux a win for luxury laundry cleaning.
  • Haier Washing Machine:
    For optimum levels of hygiene, the Haier washing machines have high temperature wash programs for sterilization of temperature resistant bacteria. This promotes the sterilization of clothes and drum cleaning. Its gasket and detergent dispenser have antibacterial treatment that removes up to 99.99% bacteria to make the wash environment ultra-hygienic. With a dual spray, dirt and fluff never collects on the gasket.Moreover, the BLDC inverter motor makes sure you get complete super clean clothes without being heavy on your pocket for energy bills. A microporous pillow drum enhances the quality of cleaning your laundry with each wash program. The Haier HWD80-BP14636S is best suited for small and medium sized families as it comes in two models of capacity 5 kg and 8 kg.

Pick your right washing machine as it is a home appliance that you depend on almost every day for looking your best in the clothes you wear. Preserving your style while standing out from the rest of the world is never easy but getting high quality laundry washes is. Best on utility, luxury and budget, choose your next washing machine today! For more, check out Yusif Bin Yusif Fakhro outlet or buy online from their web portal.

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