The super-wide 120cm electric range cooker is an uncompromising statement of power and prestige in your kitchen.

The hob has a stainless steel electric teppan-yaki griddle and six versatile gas burners in brass including a dual-ring power burner.

The two electric 11-function ovens give great flexibility to your cooking and they feature a digital programmer that allows a perfect control of cooking: it displays the oven functions selected , manages time during cooking and gives feedback onreal-time temperature.

Triple-glazed oven doors feature soft motion hinges and anti-slam closing system, and also minimise heat loss.


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*Power burner
5 kW and dual ring of flame with precise heat control and delivery to sear and simmer
Several burners layout on both cookers and hobs
Thermocouple Safety deviced installed on every gas burner on maintop and oven – allows flow of gas only when flame is present
*High-efficiency gas maintop design
Single piece stainless maintop with spill-prevention barriers
Sealed high-performance power burners and reduced distance between flame and cookware, providing category-leading time-to-boil performance
Larger distance between burners to follow for multiple pans
Product shown features brass burners, available on select models.
*Better results
Efficient fan systems make cooking faster than ordinary ovens
Quicker heating times make food crispy on the outside and retain moisture inside
Digital sensor-controlled cooking process, with sensors located throughout the cavity
*Flexible and adaptable
Large “Best in Class” cavity sizes
Cook easily for big groups of family or friends
Multi-level cooking is efficient and fast with no flavour cross-over
Choose from a number of different configurations: single, double or triple ovens