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Capacity : 236 Bottles
Color : Black


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hOn app and WiFi connected
UV-impermeable glass panel for optimal protection
Dual zone for storing red, white and sparkling wine
Natural airflow system
4 wooden shelves
Interchangeable door
Other highlights: 3D LED lighting system, low-vibration compressor, LED display for temperature setting, acoustic temperature alarm, safety lock

hOn app
Organize your wine supplies with the hOn app and get lots of useful information about your wines and personalized recommendations.

Dual Zone
With the dual zone technology, you can adjust the temperature independently in two separate areas. So you can enjoy the perfectly tempered red, white or sparkling wine.

Natural airflow system
To store your wine as much as possible, Haier wine climate cabinets have a unique, patented technology – the Natural Airflow System that keeps the humidity and temperature constant.

UV impermeable glass door
The glass doors also protect your bottles from harmful light radiation which can affect the durability, taste and quality of your wines.

Interchangeable door
Thanks to the reversible doors, this device can be installed in any kitchen and they give you absolute freedom to design your kitchen.

door lock
Protect your wine collection from unauthorized access with the door lock.

Tasteful wooden shelves
Store your wines with the necessary care on these finely crafted wooden shelves.

No vibration, just silence
Haier Wine Climate Cabinets are equipped with an anti-vibration system that reduces vibration and dampens noise to a minimum, keeping your wines full original aroma.