Capacity: 77 Bottle
Colour : Black


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Natural Airflow System
3D Lighting System
Door locking system
LED lighting
Anti-vibration system

A new hOn content app powered by Vivino
Discover more about the contents of your wine cooler thanks to our intuitive app “hOn”, developed in partnership with Vivino, the world’s largest global wine community. Scan your bottle’s label using the “Scan your Wine” feature to see information such as the winery it came from, the type of grapes used, the year of production and more. You can also see the user rating of each wine bottle and even discover new wines that match your tastes thanks to dedicated wine suggestions tailored to your personal preferences.

A patented technology to guarantee the perfect humidity level
Haier’s wine cellars feature one of the very latest additions to our exclusive patented technologies: the Natural Airflow System. Through precise temperature and humidity sensors, the fan and compressor work together to maintain perfect 50-70% humidity levels found in a professional winery. Water from a tank at the bottom of the cooler is then transformed into moisture, and the anti-gravity airflow guarantees perfect distribution throughout the interior.

Lateral and top lighting that maintains your wines’ flavour
The warm colour of the 3D LED lights in Haier’s wine cellars give your wines the dazzling spotlight they deserve from the top and sides. This ensures that the whole cellar is illuminated, from top to bottom, resulting in a stunning effect.

Keep your food on lockdown
Keep your wine collection safe and protected whenever you need thanks to this useful high tech locking system.

Tasteful lighting that maintains your wines’ flavour
The LED lights in Haier’s wine cellars don’t just give your wines the dazzling spotlight they deserve, they also omit very little heat. This is important in order to maintain the optimal temperatures within the cellar for your wines.

A quiet wine cellar that gives you peace of mind
Micro vibrations and noise can cause harm to your wines, affecting their flavour and your enjoyment of them. Haier wine cellars compressor has an anti-vibration system that reduces vibrations and cuts noise to a minimum, ensuring your bottles remain unaffected and full of their original flavours.