ionflow air purifier in Bahrain



Scandinavian design, Swedish innovation

Area covered: 540 sq ft/50 m², Floor & Table mount, Extremely silent, No fan, No filter


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LightAir IonFlow air purifier removes particles all they way down to PM0,007, meaning we keep your air virtually free from harmful particles.

LightAir IonFlow air purifier neutralizes 97% of virus in the air, making them harmless and sure to never bother you.

LightAir IonFlow air purifier will not disturbe your precious sleep or important work! It will do a better job than the best HEPA air purifier, but without a sound!

LightAir IonFlow air purifiers are hassle-free and easy to maintain. No fan and no filter! Once your IonFlow reusable particle collector starts looking dirty you just clean it by rinsing it in water.

Low energy consumption saves both money and the environment! Thanks to LightAir’s innovative technology the energy consumption of the IonFlow air purifier is only 5-7 W.

With LightAir IonFlow air purifier there is nothing to replace and no need to ever buy an expensive filter again!

LightAir alone offer an ozone free air purifier that generates and extremely high concentration of negative ions and thus a very efficient particle reduction capacity without any ozone.