2.5L UltimateTaste 900 built-in coffee maker 56cm
Intuitive UI for personalised taste at a touch.
Thermoblock brews perfect tasting espresso.
Make two coffees at the same time.


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Your coffee, your way
Choose a coffee that suits your taste, whether an espresso shot or a light, subtle blend. With the intuitive UI, the quantity can be adjusted precisely to measure the amount of coffee dispensed, while the aroma selection allows for various coffee intensities ranging from light to intense. This ensures that each cup can be tailored to your personal coffee preferences.

Perfect espresso flavour
Thermoblock delivers precise temperature control and a fast brewing process to enjoy a perfect espresso, every time.

Best served with friends
This coffee machine can fill two cups at once. Perfect for when you want to enjoy a delicious coffee with a friend.

Cafe quality coffee at home
For café-quality cappuccino whenever you want it, press the cappuccino button. Getting that professional flavour is almost as easy as enjoying the cappuccino itself.

Easy intuitive operation
The intuitive full colour touch display responds perfectly to your inputs, providing essential information at your fingertips.

Aroma and flavour
15 bar pressure thoroughly extracts the coffee flavours to deliver a rich aroma and nut coloured crema for perfectly authentic espressos.