8kg PerfectCare 600 front load washing machine 1400 RPM
SensiCare protects clothes from over-washing
Fuzzy logic technology optimizes settings for less energy


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*Inverter motor for higher performance & silent working
*Our excellent PerfectCare 600 washing machine with SensiCare System adjusts the length of the programme to the size of the load, using less energy and water and preventing any item from being washed for too long. Enabling the most economical cycles for even your smallest loads.
*Our SensiCare system automatically adjusts the programme’s settings to suit the size of the load. Smart sensors reduce the time, water and energy used, meaning even small loads are washed with precision. For an effective clean without any risk of wear and tear.
*Our SoftPlus Option pre-soaks and distributes clothing evenly. Ensuring every fibre is reached and that every item in the load feels soft and smells fresh for longer.
Our Vapour Care Technology finishes each cycle with a gentle spray of vapour to soften fabrics. Water vapour is combined with a high-performance wash programme to remove bacteria from garments. Making for hygienic and gentle cleaning.
*Our Eco TimeManager let you adjust the length of the wash cycle to the time you have available. Saving you both time and energy with absolutely no compromise on the thorough wash your clothes receive.
Adjust the start of the cycle to suit your schedule with the delay start function in the washing machine. The laundry will be ready to unload when you are ready to unload it, keeping it as fresh and as fragrant as possible. It’s the most convenient way to clean.